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Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I am old enough to have taken part in the Halloweens that were just for kids. Gaggles of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls would roam the streets, hallways, and buildings in New York Trick or Treating. And there were treats. And there were tricks.

All in good fun.

By the time my kids came along, Halloween was a family affair. You wouldn't send your kids out to roam the streets without adult supervision. Trick or treating was relegated to people you knew and the stores in your neighborhood.

And I felt bad that they were somehow "missing out" on Halloween. But the reality was that I was dwelling on the past; lamenting the loss of the Halloween of my youth - a Halloween they never new so couldn't miss. They have their own memories of Halloween.

This Halloween will also be different. Not worse. Not better. Just different. And we have the opportunity to turn that different into the stuff memories are made for our kids. We just have to let go of the ghosts of Halloween past.

Now, I'd like to hear from you..What Halloween memories are you making for your kids?


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