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There seems to be a massive upsurge in well-meaning people telling you how to raise your kids. Or how not to, to be more exact.

I get it. We all need a little help. Parenting under the best circumstances is not easy...and we are definitely in a time where we are not surrounded by the best media distractions, working parents (remotely or "traditionally), emotional and/or behavioral difficulties, school issues, bullying, violence, safety concerns...are real and seemingly ever-present. Add to that most of us do not have a circle of family or friends to turn to for support.

So we turn to others...sleep coaches, food coaches, gentle parenting coaches, mindful parenting coaches, peaceful parenting coaches, progressive parenting coaches for support. And that's grand!

But it's important to find a coach that you feel comfortable with and who aligns with you and your families personalities.

  • You might wish you never raised your voice again (and that's a noble goal to have) but if you are in a "loud" family, know that you will. And that's fine.

  • You might wish that you give your kiddo choices about everything but the reality of your life is that you are often pressed for time and make decisions for them. And that's fine.

  • You might want to keep your child away from all screens but come home exhausted and not feeling well and allow your kids to watch TV while you cook dinner. And that's fine.

  • You may want to always eat healthy and organic but your kid finishes the Halloween candy before you can stash or dump it. And that's fine. (Except for the ensuing stomach ache that will keep you both up all night)

So what's the answer?

The best parenting advice ever can be summed up in three little words: (drum roll, please)


No two kids, parents, situations are alike. They are as distinctive and individual and idiosyncratic as the people involved .

You know what's best for your and yours.

You know when something feels right or doesn't.

You have your very own style and values.

And I'm here to tell you that's not only fine - but will make for a happier you, better relationship with your kids, and all-round calmer household.

I know that it's hard to have faith in yourself and in your own ability to be a good parent. There is so much at stake. And people keep telling you you are doing it wrong. (I even saw a post where divorce was suggested because a father wouldn't get on board with mom's gentle parenting style. )

And because you think that you won't know whether you've done good until you are staring down the face of a grown monster.

But your gut will guide you. And your kids. So you'll know when you need support. You'll know when you'll want extra support to implement research-based "best practices", strategies, and techniques in a way that suits you and yours. In a non-judgmental way.

If you need help figuring out what to do...schedule a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION today.

We'll look at your goals, the challenges you're facing, opportunities you might be missing. We'll also uncover hidden problems that may be sabotaging your desired results. You'll leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to get results faster and easier than you thought possible. And you'll have a plan of action to do just that.

"Action is the foundational key to all success." Picasso


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