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Love Is...

This is the week that love is in the air.

With Valentine's Day looming close, it seems like everyone is talking about LOVE but I have a bigger reason that it's on my mind. And it has nothing to do with the commercial holiday - it's much more personal. Which got me to thinking...

What is love?

  • This is the week of my 44th anniversary. Yep, I have been married to the same man for 44 years. In fact, I have been with him for more than 50 years of my life. High School sweethearts who grew and raised four kids together. And are still very much in love. Love is commitment and deep connection.

  • I am fortunate to have raised four children (my "Fab 4"- as I like to call them) whom I guided and supported through the ups and downs of their stages in life and have grown to be successful and caring adults. They live close enough that we see each other often. They care for and are very close to each other Love is unconditional.

  • I have also been blessed with the most perfect grandson who took my love to a whole new level. Love is infinite.

  • I am surrounded by extended family and friends whom I can support and be supported by in good times and bad. Love is extensive and far-reaching.

  • I have my faith that guides me through life. It reminds me of who I am at my inner core and pulls me toward the path of good. It calls me to "treat my neighbor as myself" and care for the world at large. Love is my True North.

  • I love myself. You cannot give from an empty container. I take care of myself and do the things necessary to be able to live my life to the fullest. Love is self-care.

Love is multitudinous. It is not one thing but a complex mix of emotions and beliefs that show up in many different ways. It is as vast as it is necessary. Love, as the song goes, makes the world go round.

Your turn. I'd love to hear your thoughts. What does love mean to you?



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