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There is no lack of evidence that there is a divide (many divides?) in our country, if not our world. There seems to be a lack of discourse, idea sharing (unless it's the same idea), and compromise. I worry about the example we are setting for our children.

KINDNESS: The most valuable gift you can give someone.

It doesn't matter how many times we say there needs to be more love in this world if our actions aren't backing that up.

We're pretty good at camaraderie and uplifting each other when it comes to promoting our own causes and beliefs, but that seems to end when there is an opposing point of view - and end ugly. The name-calling, rhetoric, and disdain is pervasive. It's easy enough to blame "the other side" but, if we examine our hearts, we know that we are all guilty.

I know that it feels good to espouse "we need more love" but it's a little unrealistic to think that everyone is actually going to love everyone or that they even should. (I know there are people that I have a hard time liking, yet alone loving.)

But, we don't need to love someone to be kind to them. To treat a person with respect, compassion. Actions speak louder than words...and it's our actions that our kids will imitate.

So, before we look to point the finger and blame at

someone else or disparage them, their motives, their families, their beliefs, let's look inside ourselves and spread a little kindness each day.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."

~Oscar Wilde

Today is "Random Acts of Kindness Day".

I propose we start a Kindness Revolution. And let it begin with you. Set the example for your kids, your family, your friends. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Are you in or out?

If you're satisfied with the status quo and like the world, your children live in -- do nothing.

If you'd like the world to be a kinder, gentler place, join the revolution.



Mary Kerwin teaches kids the skills they need to become confident and self-assured. She guides them through a step-by-step process of experiential activities that build, grow, and expand their confidence and self esteem.

Before starting her own company, Confident Families, Mary taught for over 40 years in NYC, was trained in conflict resolution and anti-bullying, and got her certification as a Holistic Integrative Coach.

As an educator and confidence coach, she also shows parents and educators how to create and sustain a level of confidence in their kids that’s designed around their ideal lifestyle.

She is the creator of various training programs, and started the Encourage Greatness Community, where parents, educators, and others can get support, guidance, and the essential foundations, strategies, and solutions needed to foster confidence in all kids.

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