Whatever the reason you landed on this page,  know that you'll leave with a renewed sense of confidence in your parenting skills and a whole lot of strategies to keep it going!


 5 Secrets to Raising Confident Kids

This guide has 5 sure-fire ways to build confidence in your kids so they can end the feelings of inadequacy, reach their full potential, and become tomorrow's leaders.

Give Your Kid the Gift of Independence

Secrets revealed in this *FREE* Guide


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I'm Mary Kerwin

and I’ve been a teacher for over 40 years, as well as a mother to four children who pay their own bills. I understand the struggle of getting this parenting thing “right”. It’s hard to juggle all.the.things while making sure your children have everything they need to live happy, well-adjusted lives. 


I created this holistic curriculum because I saw a huge gap in what was being taught in school, and what kids actually need to make it in the real world. I believe it’s absolutely imperative for our kids to develop life skills because it will have a direct impact on their confidence and their future.