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3 virtual days...  No fluff...
1 powerhouse coach, teacher, mama + intuitive mentor.
And you.

Do you feel like you’re doing All The Things… but still aren’t good enough?


Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed because you’ve got so much to do… and you’re doing it… but it’s still not enough?


Do you still not know what to say, stumbling over and second-guessing your decisions, when it comes to your kids?


Are you stuck in comparison mode, feeling like everyone has got this parenting together but you?

If you relate to any of these questions, I’m here to help.


I'm Mary Kerwin and I am on a mission to help

parents become confident leaders for their kids

so they can improve the quality of life for

themselves and their families. My more than

40 years as a classroom teacher in New York City,

along with my training as a coach and the practical

experience gained from raising my own 4 children, give

me an understanding of the needs of each child, as well as the needs of a parent. This makes me uniquely qualified to help children, support parents, and nurture tomorrow's leaders.  My programs provide tangible experiences for both,  allowing them to explore and grow while building skills and having fun.

I've also been talking to many of you who feel like you've been "misled" by other so-called experts. You've put your trust into people or programs that didn't pan out and are hesitant to trust anyone now, even during a free conversation. If that's you, I gently urge you to sign up anyway.
I've been seeing similar patterns among the bad advice people in your situation have been given. (I literally rant about it to anyone who will listen.)
Let's talk about what you've learned and tried, and I'll help you figure out why it didn't work — and where you should focus your efforts now to get the biggest results.
I’m tired of seeing parents struggle because they’re not getting good advice that’s tailored to them.
This workshop is all about YOU. You’ll walk away feeling clear, peaceful, and ready to rock your plan.



After having worked with hundreds of moms, and some dads, grandparents, and teachers who wanted to be better when it comes to dealing with their kids, I realized you, a forward-thinking parent, need a space where you can:

Get the exact action steps you need to be the parent you dream of being, make hard decisions on your own, and know what you should be doing

Get specific coaching around the next concrete steps to build your parenting muscle in a way that fits within your lifestyle – AND YOU GET TO CHOOSE!

That’s what the
is all about.

(In my mind it's an “Intensive” because you will walk out having done what takes most a lifetime of work, thinking, and agonizing over decisions… in just 3 days)

An Intimate Space to Get Your Questions Answered (No Matter Where You’re At)

You've been figuring this "child-rearing thing out by yourself", but you haven't gotten the results you want.
It seems like a constant battle to get homework done, rooms cleaned, questions answered in a full sentence or respectful tone.
You are in constant competition with electronic devices.
You can't remember the last time you had a civil conversation.

It's exhausting!

You read all the books, follow all the advice but what they say doesn't work for you and you're STILL not getting the results you want (sometimes even after years of following that advice).

You speak to friends and colleagues, but it just turns into a gripe session, or a "Who can top this?" contest.

You work hard to give your kids everything, but they don't seem to appreciate it and it's never enough.

You've reasoned, yelled, punished, cajoled — but it didn't seem to make a difference.

You are worried about poor grades, rude behavior, disrespect, the future.

There are forces at work that are harming instead of helping:

Every day, you're doing things that you think are awesome... but that don't actually work, and there's no consistency.


You see other families that look like Ozzie and Harriet, so you compare and try to copy them — but it's not working for you because you're a totally different kind of family. (And they are probably not the ideal family anyway - no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.)


You are embarrassed that you do not know what to do instinctively, that you don't know what to do intuitively. You think that that makes you a bad parent (or grandparent or teacher) so you won't seek help — so you're STILL not getting the results you want.

And you don't know what to do next.

You wish you could get access to a master coach who could tell you what the problem is and give you the next steps to move forward – without having to feel embarrassed or nervous doing it.
That’s why I created the 
It’s meant for you to be able to ask questions in a safe space and get buckets of concentrated attention from me.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some support in the parenting department, Mary Kerwin will help guide you.. She’s an educator with decades of experience based in NYC but she has online offerings too. Check it out. She’s pretty awesome."
~Claudia L., mom of 3 and entrepreneur

“As parents, we can't do this alone. We need more teachers like her coaching and guiding ...igniting confidence...”

~Ysenia D’Avila, mom and influencer